The sea of possibilities can be intimidating, here’s the ‘what’ and ‘where’ of the best KY activities.

You won’t believe beauty that the sea hides underwater— here are our favorite spots and how to access them.

The KY is mere minutes from some of the best fishing spots in Aegean. Fishing charter, anyone?

The KY is a beach lovers paradise—here are our picks for best eats, cocktails, and beachfront vibes.

The KY might be remote but it’s still paradise—treat yourself at these premium resorts & spas.

What to Do in the KY?

There is so much to do in the Aegean Islands while on charters, all in the name of fun!  Think of the choices you have each morning as you wake up and enjoy your morning coffee from the flybridge of your luxurious motor yacht thinking about the activities for the day.  Will you spend the day on the water, snorkeling or diving? Perhaps it’s a good day to find a quiet cove and explore some of the deserted island beaches. Will you be docked at a marina enjoying a day at the spa or lounging poolside sipping on a popular exotic cocktail? And there are the decisions as to where to dine that day…popular restaurant or beach bar, or maybe both?  It’s all good.  So many choices!

One thing is for certain; it helps to plan ahead of time! Check out our activity guide when doing your charter planning. There are some valuable resources available here to help you provision and plan for all of the things you might want to experience during your charter.  Our staff will always be available to assist you with your itinerary.



The KY is home to some of the most wonderful and exciting underwater destinations in Greece from the diversity of accessible wreck dives to a wide variety of sea life. You could plan charter vacations in the Aegean Islands for the next 20 years and never tire of diving here.

For the snorkelers aboard, the KY will not disappoint! People from all over the world enjoy  to snorkel in the Aegean Islands and it’s easy to see why; the beautiful coral reefs and rocky underwater terrain attract an abundance of colorful sea life that surrounds you as you snorkel!

If your charter guests are not strong swimmers, the chop and current can make a day of snorkeling, very treacherous. Always check the weather before deciding on an itinerary for the day.


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If anyone is your party is new to snorkeling we have some tips to share that might make the experience even more enjoyable.  After all, the idea is to see as much as you can, right?  Sometimes it takes a little more than jumping in the water and making sure your mask doesn’t leak.  One key to good snorkeling is to recognize that marine life feels threatened when you approach.  As a result, they will often stay still or perhaps even change color very quickly in order to blend into their surroundings. People mistakenly assume they are looking for fish and animals that are moving.  That is not often the case.  Especially the closer you come. Make sure to notice that plant and those rocks that are still.  There’s a very good chance that some of them are actually the fish you were hoping to see.

Go slow.  Much of the success of snorkeling is noticing the little things.  Marine life loves to hide.  There’s a reason why some of the best snorkel and dive sites are in locations where there are large numbers of rock formations and coral.  They are great hiding places during the day for sea life. Take the time to look in the hiding places like under boulders and in small crevices.  Seagrass is another favorite hiding place.  Take your time and you’d be surprised how much more you will find.

One more thing.  Notice what’s going on above the surface.  If you see pelicans diving for fish, chances are you have picked a good time of day and a great location to find some action going on below the surface.  Oh, and don’t forget your underwater camera.



Would you like the chance to hook a big one while simply cruising from one island to another? The Greek seas are home to world-class fishing grounds, so why not throw out a line! 

Please note that a deep see fishing is not permitted on any of our charter yachts, only recreational fishing which must be accompanied by a license.


Bars & Restaurants

From famous Greek cuisine and delicious fresh-caught seafood, to the most delicious cocktails imaginable, Greece is equally as famous for its sustenance as it is for its turquoise waters. Here are our staff’s picks for best restaurants and beach bars, enjoy!


The most atmospheric restaurant on the island. The old mansion was turned into a restaurant full of antiques by the owners’ collection. It is located in Agia Irini in a small and sheltered bay, among the ten small traditional houses, and awaits us for fresh fish, salads with organic vegetables and a wide variety of wines.

The adjacent restaurant is cosy and non pretentious while it serves an array of delicious plates. The natural surroundings include a very large open space between the houses and the crystal clear water of the Aegean.


A great beach bar-restaurant right at a magnificent two sided beach. Enjoy your drinks while you look at the magnificent view

Hamsa is located in a dream place, in the green port of Martinakia. Thick wooden beams, rugs and carpets on the sand, elegant wooden sunbeds and special towels with fabric for those who make reservations on the beach …

Pountaki is the hidden jewel of the southern beaches in Kythnos – the perfect place for a magical wedding day. This secluded location is ideal for weddings and wedding receptions. Theros is a seafront complex featuring an organized beach with lounge beds and a beach bar with restaurant area.



Kythnos Yachting  will arrange a yoga session for you to relax and feel rejuvenated while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Relax while enjoying a yoga lesson near the beach.